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Welcome to our website and to the first of our blogs. The ADG is keen to communicate through effective engagement with stakeholders and, of course, to ensure our members have opportunities to express their views and share opinions. We want this part of the website to be active, exciting and fully transparent.

The ADG is determined to put dentistry at the top the policy agenda – within the Department of Health and Social Care, across Parliament and amongst key stakeholders. The six months have already proved the value of such endeavours as the issues we care about are being influenced and shaped through our work.

Recently, the ADG Flexible Commissioning and Education Group (FCE) was created. This is tasked to explore policy options to improve commissioning, and recruitment and retention. In parallel, strong links have been established with the fledgling College of Dentistry.

When interests merge with other organisations, the ADG has demonstrated the capacity to be a willing partner, notably on such matters as the definition of self-employment with the BDA. In a similar way, strong relations with key players such as the Chief Dental Officer have been forged and an outreach programme with the local authority healthcare committees is being devised.

In addition to normal ‘trade association’ activities, the ADG is about making sure dental groups are recognised as being focussed on patient care through being able to marshal and refine resources in the most effective way. We are already attracting more interest from aspirant members – so much so, that our structure will need to evolve to accommodate our growth.

It is not just about the professional way in which we operate but also the social events we have had and will have. The dinner last July in the Churchill Bunker was a huge success so the ADG will aim to have an annual dinner to provide a forum for informal networking and team bonding.

Your contributions to this blog will be most welcome.

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