About Us

The  Association  of  Dental Groups  (ADG)  is  the  trade association  for  groups  of dental  health  and  care   practices  and  organisations employing  dental professionals,  known  as Dental  Groups.

The  ADG  represents  the UK’s Dental  Groups  with  more than  ten  practices,  working together  to  raise   standards and  deliver  high  quality, consistent  dental  care  for private  and  NHS  patients across  the  UK.    

Our  aim  is  to  facilitate  the provision  of  patient  centred, high  quality  and  consistent dental  care  by   improving Dental  Groups’ working environment.  

The  ADG  works  for  its members  to  improve  the conditions  for  by  investing  in their  patients  and  their   people. We  seek  to  improve  quality  and  access  to dentistry  for  patients  by influencing  the  standards  and   shaping  policy  impacting  Dental  Groups.  


Dentistry in the UK is changing rapidly. One of the key characteristics of these changes is recognition that good business models and consistent best practice are vital to providing the highest standards of patient care. As dental employers, ADG members are at the forefront of these changes and recognise the importance of innovation, investment and the contribution made by all dental professionals and skill sets in a business.

The ADG’s goals are to help members:

To ensure delivery of consistent quality outcomes for patients in a sustainable, high quality manner

To support the Government’s aim to improve access to high quality dental care

To adopt and maintain best practice across all their practices

To work with the NHS to promote prevention of dental health problems

To modernise working practices and maximise the roles of all dental professionals in dentistry

To work with regulators and commissioners to ensure that regulation supports and responds to the changing needs


The ADG’s six strategic objectives:

Developing an agile, inclusive, and professional workforce across dentistry.

Fighting for fair access to quality NHS Dentistry.

Supporting the work of private dentistry.

Promoting the work of dental groups in public, private, and community operations.

Shaping public policy to improve oral health in the United Kingdom.

Building a safer and sustainable environment.