What We Do?

The Association of Dental Groups (ADG) works with and on behalf of our members towards improving the working environment for groups of dental providers of oral health care. We work towards sector improvements for dental groups, including sharing consistent best practice, supporting innovation, and encouraging the investment and skills development of all dental professionals. We aim to do this by shaping policy, raising awareness, and influencing key stakeholders.

Our Purpose

Represent members’ views objectively and equally in current debates on oral health.

Proactively participate in policy development and take a solution focussed approach to creating the most supportive environment for dental groups where teams feel valued and are able to provide the highest quality dental care for patients.

Encourage policy makers to make evidence-based decisions.


Disseminate knowledge and share best practice across the dental group sector to drive improvements in quality.


Encourage the investment and skill development of all dental professionals.

Our Objectives


Support, promote and encourage prevention at practice and policy level to improve oral health.

Workforce and training

Campaign for more dentists to be trained in the UK.

Identify key actions/strategies to improve recruitment and retention of dental professionals from the UK and abroad including streamlining onboarding processes.

Work with key stakeholders to contribute to undergraduate, foundation and DCP training.

Provide opportunities to create a learning and supportive environment for dental teams.


Represent the views of members regarding contract reform to increase access to high-quality dental care and improve clinician engagement.

Work with commissioners and key stakeholders to promote flexible commissioning in the interest of patients.

Influence in key areas to ensure private and NHS dentistry is developed in a financially sustainable way.

Encourage policy makers to make evidence-based decisions.



 Share best practice on environmental sustainability