Our Purpose

During times of rapid change in dentistry, we work with and on behalf of our members towards improving the working environment for groups of dental health and care practices and organisations employing dental professionals.

We work towards sector improvements for Dental Groups, including good business models and consistent best practice, enabling innovation, investment and skills development of all dental professionals.

Our purpose is to:
  • Work with our members and represent their views objectively and equally in current debates on oral health
  • Proactively influence policy and take a solutions focussed approach to creating the most supportive environment for Dental Groups to provide the highest quality dental care.
  • Support policy makers make evidence-based decisions and support access to best practice and knowledge of our members.
Our Objectives


  • In line with the long-term plan, the work of the ADG will promote and encourage preventative dentistry from both the patient and the dentist
  • We will be engaging in key policy areas that will help promote and make preventive dentistry achievable.


Workforce and training

  • The ADG aim to help tackle workforce issues which have risen as a result of difficulties in recruiting and retaining dental professionals from the UK and abroad
  • We aim to lobby for changes in legislation to make recruitments more accessible
  • The work of the ADG aims to provide a future proof model for workforce training where a high calibre of dental professionals are produced
  • The ADG will work with key stakeholders to influence undergraduate training and foundation training.



  • The ADG aim to be a key representative within the dental field
  • We want to be able to contribute evidence to groups such as the Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists Remuneration (DDRB)
  • The ADG aim to be seen as the voice for dental groups in the UK and are working to ensure equitable treatment as similar organisations and associations
  • We plan to identify and challenge concerns around charges, commissioning and pay in the dental sector.



  • The work of the ADG will promote sustainability of both the NHS and the dental professional, whilst ensure the whole dental profession is valued
  • The ADG will support and promote the Government’s Prevention agenda, in particular how dentistry can contribute to reducing costs via helping to address key diseases such as diabetes, obesity, oral cancer
  • The ADG aim to be influential in key areas to ensure a sustainable contract is implemented.