ADG: 10 steps to improve the overseas registration exam

The Overseas Registration Exam (ORE) is not fit for purpose. Demand among qualified international dentists to complete the ORE far outweighs the current number of available examination places. Given the UK’s growing dentist workforce shortage, urgent action is needed. Here are 10 changes the GDC can make to improve the ORE immediately 1. Increase the […]

‘Fill the Gap’ Campaign

Association of Dental Groups calls for Government to ‘fill’ the dental workforce shortage gap Read our latest ‘Fill the Gap’ policy paper here NHS dentistry faces the biggest crisis of its 75 year history. Many areas of the country have become ‘dental deserts’, where there is a below average level of dental provision and no […]

A Blueprint for NHS dentistry

The modern system of departmental select committees in the House of Commons is fairly recent. They came into being in 1979, following recommendations of a Procedure Select committee set up in 1976 which reported two years later. It recommended a series of select committees covering all the main departments of state, with wide terms of […]

We cannot lose any more time waiting for reform of the ORE

In 2021 UK qualified new registrant dentists with the General Dental Council (GDC) formed 61% – the remaining 39% of new registrants coming from EEA countries or other overseas routes to registration[1]. Dentists with overseas qualifications now make up nearly 30% of all dentists on the register. Even if the Government was prepared to invest […]

England’s Dental Deserts and the urgent need to level up access to dentistry

In May the ADG published a new report highlighting the recruitment crisis in NHS dentistry and the parts of England at most risk of becoming “dental deserts” without government action.  The top 10 parts of England identified with the lowest number of NHS dentists per 100,000 of population were: North Lincolnshire CCG                        32 NHS dentists […]