Anushika Brogan


Anushika Brogan is the Managing and Clinical Director for Damira Dental Studios. She qualified as a dentist from Kings College, London in 1999 and is still practicing at Damira Bury Knowle. Anushika bought her first practice in Oxford in 2003 and Damira Dental Studios was born. Since then, Damira has grown to 27 dental practices and become a leading provider of high-quality dental care across the South of England.

As a practising clinician, Anushika works closely with teams on the ground to ensure the ADG understands the perspective from practice level through to CEO level. She wants to make sure that decisions made by business leaders are positively welcomed by the clinical teams.

Finally, Anushika believes that dentistry has a lot to achieve to fulfil the changing needs of our planet, so she has made the Sustainability Agenda one of her top priorities.