ADG goes Stateside in new international partnership

The ADG has hosted a visit to UK dental practices this month with its sister organisation from the United States, the Association of Dental Support Organisations.

Following an introductory meeting between the two organisations last year in New York, the ADG team of Neil Carmichael, Clinical Director Sandra White and Operational Director Ruth Chesmore hosted a return visit in March for the ADSO visiting practices managed by ADG members Rodericks and BUPA.

Neil Carmichael, Chair of the ADG said;

“What was clear from our meetings here was that the challenges facing dentistry such as recruitment are global in nature and we have much to learn from our sister organisation in the United States.  The ADSO have recently launched a workforce taskforce to tackle the severe shortage of dental team members in the US reflecting our own concerns in the UK”

“Our meeting found common ground on many of the issues and we hope to build on the relationship with a joint summit later in the year.  The ADG is also reaching out to our partners in the European Union who as our closest neighbours continue to play a critical role in recruitment of dentists.”